The Winnipeg Jets arguably have the best goaltending duo in the league. Connor Hellebuyck is not only the number one goalie on the Jets, he may be the number one goalie in the world. Then you add that they essentially have a starting goaltender as their back up in Laurent Brossoit, that does not leave room for any prospects to come up. Now Hellebuyck has signed to stay in Winnipeg for seven more seasons after this so he isn't going anywhere, but Brossoit may be signing elsewhere next year.

The Jets may be looking to add a goaltender next season, would they bring someone up internally? Likely not as their goaltending prospects are just not ready yet. When they do get here though, watch out! As the Jets may have the best goaltending prospects in the league right now. Let's take a look at who they are and where they are right now.

4. Oskari Salminen

While Oskari Salminen may be on this list, he may never play for the Jets. Right now he is currently splitting his time between the AHL and ECHL. He played all of last year for the Manitoba Moose and had a decent year. Having a 18-13-6 record is not bad, especially when the Moose team has had a couple rough years as of late. In the playoffs he 2-2, but he had a 2.25 GAA and a save percentage of .923. Pretty decent stats.

Him being 24 is not a big deal when it comes to if we will see him in the NHL, as goaltenders tend to be late bloomers. Salminen will have to jump over younger and more skilled competition to get a chance at an NHL job. He has shown glimpses of talent in his time in the AHL, but being consistent is his biggest flaw.

Does He Make It To The Jets: He most likely does not make it past the AHL. Honestly, may try find a better chance else where in the league or over seas.

3. Logan Neaton

Logan Neaton is an interesting case. When he was drafted in the fifth round in 2019, he was fresh off an impressive season in the BCHL. Neaton then went on to play for UMass-Lowell for two seasons where he played a total of 6 games for them. He then transferred to Miami University (Ohio) where he has been for the last three seasons. Neaton has since gotten the starting goaltender role, playing 23 games this year. What has been unfortunate is that his numbers has not been good. He is a 24 year old goalie that has had a rather poor collegiate career.

While he was on UMass-Lowell he appeared in 6 games, did not win a single game. Had a save percentage of .862 and a goals against average of 4.35. Not too great a start for his collegiate career. So he moved to Miami University in Ohio. Granted the teams were not so good in front of him, but he accumulated 8 wins in 39 games. Neaton also had a .878 save percentage and 4.06 goals against average. Not the greatest numbers for a goaltender that is already 24 and has not sniffed pro hockey yet.

Does He Make It To The Jets: Likely a career AHL or ECHL guy. He would have to develop rather quickly to make an impact in the NHL, even as a backup. You most likely never see Neaton in a Jets uniform. Maybe Moose though or an NHL backup later in his career.

2. Domenic DiVincentiis

If this list would have been put together last year, Domenic DiVincentiis would be number one. DiVincentiis has been dominating the OHL for the North Bay Battalion the last three years. Over his last three years, he has a record of 75-26-7 while having a save percentage .906 and a goals against average of 2.68. Very solid numbers for a goalie in the OHL. The Battalion have had a lot of success since he started playing for them. Last year they were one game away from a OHL Finals appearance. DiVincentiis is a huge part to the success of that team.

When the Jets drafted him in 7th round of the 2022 draft, fans were unsure what he would amount to. Seventh round picks rarely amount to anything special. Domenic DiVincentiis has proven a lot of people wrong, showing that he can be an elite goaltender. He could be the heir to the throne that Connor Hellebuyck currently occupies.

Does He Make It To The Jets: Domenic DiVincentiis will dawn a Jets jersey at some point in his career. He is still young with only being 20 years old, so you should not expect him in the NHL for at least 3 years. Even then, he would be fighting for the backup role as Hellebuyck is not going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Thomas Milic

Thomas Milic fell into the Jets lap in the fifth round of the 2023 draft. He was coming off a Memorial Cup run with the Seattle Thunderbirds, where he performed quite well. Unfortunately, was not able to bring home a Memorial Cup tough. He also helped Team Canada capture Gold in the 2023 World Juniors. While his game does need some fine tuning to the pro level, he has performed well in his first year of pro hockey. He has room for improvement to be able to challenge for a spot on the big squad, but he will get there.

In his first year of pro, he has a record of 24-10-3, save percentage of .908, and goals against average of 2.50. He has split this season between the AHL (23 games) and ECHL (18 games). While he has been up and down all season, he has been very consistent with his play. He has recorded three shutouts this year while just solidifying the Moose and Admirals net. The Moose are fighting for a playoff spot in the Central division, there is an argument that Milic should be starting should they qualify.

Does He Make It To The Jets: 99.9% yes he will appear in a Jets uniform. While I can not say 100% at this time because you can never say 100%, Milic has a great chance of being a Winnipeg Jet in the future. He will be fighting for a spot with Domenic DiVincentiis, but the argument could be made that Milic will be ready sooner with him playing pros earlier. You should see a tandem of Milic and DiVincentiis in the pros sooner rather than later, but more than likely it will be on the Moose.


When the Jets need a goalie, they will have a goalie. They may have the best goaltending prospects in the league. Winnipeg already had an elite prospect in DiVincentiis, but adding Milic to the fold just puts it over the top. We may not see them next year on the Jets. Brossoit may move on, the prospects just are not ready for that jump yet though. The Jets are set with Hellebuyck right now. The next wave of Jets goalies will be waiting for a chance at his throne.

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