Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been named the cover athlete for 2024 MLB The Show. The video game is played by over 4 million people so this is a huge honor for Guerrero. Last year’s cover athlete was Miami Marlins Jazz Chisholm Jr. Vladimir joins an elite list of athletes that have been on the cover of this game. The game is played on Xbox, PlayStation, as well as Nintendo Switch.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had a bit of a down year last year so this selection comes as a bit of a surprise when you look at stats. When you see his personality paired with the fact he has been an all-star for the last three years, you completely understand the pick. He had 26 home runs, a batting average of .264, and an on-base percentage of .788. He also had 94 RBIs to go with his 78 runs. Even though it was a down year, the Jays were able to get into the playoffs and lost in the wild-card round to the Minnesota Twins.

MLB The Show has had a long list of superstars on the cover of their games. The game started in 2006 where the cover athlete was David Ortiz. The last ten years have been just as big of names as Ortiz.

2023 – Jazz Chisholm Jr.

2022 – Shohei Ohtani

2021 – Fernando Tatis Jr.

2020 – Javier Baez

2019 – Bryce Harper

2018 – Aaron Judge

2017 – Ken Griffey Jr.

2016 – Josh Donaldson

2015 – Yasiel Puig

2014 – Miguel Cabrera

The list is full of superstars. If you look at 2016 you will see a familiar name for Blue Jays fans in Josh Donaldson. That is the last time a Blue Jay has been the cover athlete for this game. Vladimir really is joining a list of players that have a reputation for being the stars of this league.

The game will be released on March 19, 2024, on all platforms for fans to play.