Yesterday, the Utah Hockey Club released their jerseys and colors. Owner Ryan Smith said from the get go that they may not have a team name or logo by the start of the 2024-25 NHL season. That seems to be what they are going to be doing. As the jerseys will only dawn the word “UTAH” on the front. The colors look like they will be Rock Black, Salt White, and Mountain Blue.

While the jerseys may be a little bland, the bright side is that when players are drafted at this year’s 2024 NHL Draft at the end of this month, they won’t have to wear a generic NHL jersey. Many fans are upset with how little Utah tried with these jerseys. Which is a fair point, as everyone was getting excited to see what they could come up with and this is a bit of a let down. You could say this was predictable with the inaugural logos being released a couple weeks about.

The logos that were released did not add any excitement in the hockey world either. While they do have the three colors of the team, hockey fans were really hoping for a little more when it comes to these logos. What everyone was hoping for was that Utah would have a name for the start of the season. Similar to how the Jets has a name by season start in 2011. The difference being that the Jets had already been in Winnipeg, and the name had already been established. Utah just wants to do it right.

Team Names Down To Six Options

When Ryan Smith announced that Utah was going to do a tournament style poll to help decide on a name. The hockey world seemed to get on board with it for the most part. While there were obvious concerns with this style of polling, it did end up with six good names.

The finalists being Yeti, Mammoth, Blizzard, Venom, and Utah HC. While these names all play into the state of Utah, the obviouis front runners are Yeti and Mammoth. The real question is that did they kind of give away what the team name will be with the colors that are annouced. The connnections being that Yeti and Blizzard fit in with the colors that are picked.

While you could make the others names work with the colors, those two fit the best. While you could change the colors after one year, it would seem a little strange. Something that we will have to keep an eye on throughout this next season. Should be fun to see what they come up with and exciting to have a new venue to see NHL hockey played in.

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