There’s a new professional league in Canada, and it finally has a name.

Welcome, Northern Super League (NSL).

Announced on Tuesday, the professional women’s league will begin with six teams. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax have been known for a while. Montreal and Ottawa round out the field.

Chief executive officer and co-founder (and former Canadian international) Diana Matheson revealed the name along with the final two teams at the espnW Summit Canada.

“We are thrilled to announce this update to soccer fans across Canada as we take a big step toward our season opener in April 2025,” Matheson said in a release.

What we know

Besides the six founding teams, several other announcements were made in regard to the league and roster structure.

The season will run from April to November and consist of 25 matches. This will be followed by a playoff of a semi-final and final stages.

There is a salary cap for each team of $1.5 million. Players will have minimum salaries of $50,000.

Rosters will consist of 20 to 25 players with seven allowed as international roster spots.

The NSL has said that additional details on players and scheduling will follow in the coming weeks.