New MLS jerseys mean a new season is around the corner. It’s coming up fast and this weekend is the beginning of another year for this wild, chaotic, often-called retirement and often unserious league. Some Argentinian guy named Lionel Messi will play his first full season in MLS with Inter Miami. I heard he’s pretty good.

Over the last few days, new MLS jerseys were released by their respective clubs. Jersey unveilings are always fun. Just like the game itself, jerseys are a cause for debate among fans. Some jerseys look great, some look alright and some look downright awful.

Let’s focus on the great new MLS jerseys. These are the holy grail or S tier. These jerseys make you go: “It’s beautiful, I’ve looked at this for five hours now.”

#5 Charlotte FC’s Carolinas kit

This looks really nice. FC Charlotte made a kit representing both the Carolinas. White transitioning from a light blue from top to bottom makes a really nice pattern.

It makes sense. The Carolinas are close to the sea and have mountains.

“The ‘Carolina Kit: Explore’ showcases the diverse landscape of the Carolinas, from mountains to sea,” wrote the FC Charlotte press release.” The new design is the next iteration of the Club’s foundational primary kit inspired by our home territory in the Carolinas. Contoured linework displayed across the kit represents the topographical map of both North and South Carolina, while the multiple shades of blue are what you’ll find as you explore from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic Coast.”

This jersey represents both states and is simple but looks very elegant. The colour scheme makes it very pleasant to look at.

#4: New York City FC’s 24/7 kit

New York City is a city that gives off vibrant vibes. After all, it is the city that never sleeps. It makes sense that New York City FC has a kit inspired by its vibrance and nightlife.

This jersey fully represents that. The black colour goes well with the blue and orange. It looks vibrant and gives out the vibes of New York City’s lights. The blue badge goes well with the jersey and the stripes remind you of the lights of Midtown Manhattan.

“The 24/7 Kit embodies the New York City night scene and the bright lights that shine through the dark to reflect that relentless nature,” says the press release from MLSSoccer.Com. ” This kit can live beyond match day, just as New Yorkers normally jump from activity to activity: out at a club, on the pitch with friends or getting a slice of pizza at 2 am.”

Getting a slice of pizza at 2 am is very New York. This jersey was made to be worn inside one of New York’s finest bars and nightclubs.

#3: The Vancouver Whitecaps’ 50th anniversary jersey

You knew this would be here. The Vancouver Whitecaps have never had a bad jersey in their MLS era. This one is one of their best.

The club is celebrating their 50th anniversary and they needed a jersey for it. They knocked it out of the park. The dark blue and gold are a great combination. The badge is a throwback to the badge they wore in the 1970s.

This jersey celebrates the Whitecaps’ past and honours the present and the (hopefully) bright future.

It looks very clean. The gold lettering on the Telus sponsor, the badge, the numbers and the stripes go well with the dark blue. This jersey makes the Whitecaps look like royalty. It is an absolutely gorgeous shirt.

“This is another big moment in a milestone season for our club,” said Whitecaps CEO and Sporting Director Axel Schuster in the jersey announcement press release. ““We are excited to officially launch our 50th Anniversary jersey. The feedback we have received from our players is that this is already one of their favourite kits. We are looking forward to seeing both our team and our supporters wearing this jersey as we embark on our biggest season yet.”

#2: New York Red Bulls’ Legacy Jersey

Like the Whitecaps, New York Red Bulls are also honouring their past with their 2024 jersey.

What is there not to like about this one? It is really beautiful. The stripes don’t make the jersey look bad at all. In fact, they go well with the red and the sponsor.

This jersey is made to honour the Red Bulls’ past and the people of the New Jersey area.

It just looks amazing.

#1: Minnesota United’s Starry Knight Jersey

This is it. The cherry on top, the creme de la creme and is the best of the lot. Out of all the 2024 MLS jerseys, Minnesota United hit a grand slam.

This is just perfect, right down to the last-minute details. The design with stars on the jersey would seem too over the top if I described it to you. However, they executed it to perfection.

It really looks like you are looking at the night sky when looking at this jersey. The blue and black are an excellent combination and the stars are a very nice touch. The collar and stripes on the shoulders compliment the rest of the shirt as well.

Could it get any more perfect?

“The broad Starry Night theme evokes the majestic panorama of the Minnesota night sky,” wrote the press release on MLSSoccer.Com. “The kit presents a fresh take on a black look, deepening the club’s connection with their primary color and reflecting the breathtaking, boundless glory of the North Star State.”

#4: New York City FC’s 24/7 kit