CapFriendly is officially offline. In 2015, CapFriendly went live for the first time after CapGeek shut down. Ever since then, they have been the go to site for hockey contracts and for all the tools they provided to its visitors. The leaders of CapFriendly, Jamie Davis and Dominik Zarim, took it from being a fan site full of statistics, to the glorious site it was at its end. They developed tools that helped fans understand the salary cap situation of every team and also have a little fun being the GM of their own teams.

On June 9th, it was announced that the Washington Capitals were in the process of purchasing the site. This came along with the news that the site would be shutting down its public operations shortly after the 2024 NHL Free Agency opened. Everyone really needed it during the draft and free agency as a lot of money was spent and moved during this time. Unfortunately, today is the day that the site has been shut down to the public. Their other venture Salary Swish will stay available to the public.

On a personal note, I think I speak for every hockey fan when saying that the site will be missed. I used it personally with every article I have written and the resource was spectacular. I often found myself on the site using one of their tools for fun. The information it provided to our NHL team here at Area 51 helped with making our articles more accurate and made our content better. The outpour of gratitude and appreciation from all the hockey media, has been a testament to just how great the site was to the hockey world. Thank you Jamie Davis. Thank you Dominik Zarim. Thank you CapFriendly team. Farewell CapFriendly.